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The more we learn from each other, the more easily we find our own way."

Find out from other women how bio-identical natural progesterone cream works. Here's a selection of their experiences using Resonance.  Read what happened when women like you started using the cream...  

Cindy - age 29
I have been using Resonance cream now for two months. I can't believe the difference it has made it my life. I have endometriosis and cysts on my ovaries and on my uterus. Before using the cream I had terrible allergies, asthma,and hypoglycemia. I couldn't sleep very well and I was always tired. I was on the verge of a severe depression. I also was having problems with my cycle, it was only 12 days long, so I was bleeding every other week. Almost immediately after using the cream my allergies completely went away. It made my asthma decrease to using my inhaler once every two weeks or less. My hypoglycemia doesn't bother me at all. I sleep soundly now am no longer tired during the day. I feel happier and more content with myself than I have for a long time. My cycle is almost back to normal. I am also trying to get pregnant (I've been trying for a year), but I haven't been ovulating. I hope that this cream will help straighten out my hormones so that I can get pregnant. I'll keep you posted. I've told every one that I know about this cream and will continue to tell everyone. Thanks so much, this cream has changed my life.

Bernadette - Age 34
I am on my 2nd month of progesterone creme and am a tad bit excited!! I am 34 and the past few years my pms symptoms have gotten worse and worse. I actually considered leaving home those few days that I felt like killing everyone! A friend suggested using progesterone creme. I thought it would be worth a try. Last month, I did not have ANY bad days. It almost seemed to good to be true. The same thing is happening this month. So far, I have not had ANY of my normal pms symptoms. I will continue to use this product! I hated not being able to be NICE to be my family - I felt out of control and those feelings are gone. Thanks for the opportunity to say how this has affected me!

Louise - Age 60
I use Resonance to prevent osteoporosis and to build new bone (according to the info in Dr. Lee's books). As a result of using the cream I did not have to have the periodontal surgery I was once scheduled for.

Sue - Age 35

When I used the cream the first time for about six months, I noticed a big difference in my life. I usually get real emotional around my cycle, more so than most women I have talked to. I also suffer from depression, which results in literal bouts of rage and anger. After using the cream I was more calm, not so easily angered and no more fits of rage. I am not saying I don't still get teary-eyed, I'm just not on an emotional roller coaster. My husband commented that since I used the cream he had noticed a huge difference in my personality. It has also really helped me with my fibrocystic breasts. Before the cream they were so sore constantly, and now there is very little pain. No other way to put it. The cream has made a difference with that too.

I also have endometriosis and have had 4 surgeries in the last 12 years. When my cycle would begin, I would be in excruciating pain. I had a prescription for 800 mg of motrin and would have to take 2 within an hour to ease the pain. The cream helps tremendously with that. I still have cramps, but I can deal with them now. I can't say enough about Resonance Cream. It has made a huge difference in my life.

Berti - Age 54
I use Resonance because it is a truly natural progesterone and it gives me a sense of well-being.

Alice - Age 28
December 07 2000: This is a testimony on how well this cream works. No kidding, first month out I could see results. I am a person who NEVER has a menstrual cycle on their own and has problems conceiving. After using this cream for only a couple of weeks, I had a cycle on my own! Unlike the cycles I have had in the past using such medications as Provera, this cycle was normal in length (4-5 days), moderate-light, and literally no cramping! It was simply amazing. I am currently using it for the 2nd month and if my husband and I are able to conceive our 2nd child while using this, I WILL post again! Thanks!!!

May 25 2001: Ok, I wrote previously and mentioned that I was using this cream so that I could get my hormones straightened around so that I could get pregnant. I have been trying for fifteen months and after using this cream for about 5 months, I am happy to report that I am PREGNANT! This is just incredible and I highly recommend trying this cream if you don't have regular cycles and have problems getting pregnant due to this. Thanks so much!!!
[Congratulations, Alice! Let us know what you name the baby! - CW1]

Corky - Age 54
I love this stuff! I've been using natural progesterone cream since 1995! I used to use a different cream, but Resonance is so pure and goes in so quickly it's no longer a chore to use every day.

At age 42 I had a total hysterectomy as a result of severe endometriosis. If only I'd had a chance to try the cream to subdue or even reverse the endo, but I hadn't discovered it then, and none of my doctors mentioned it. After the surgery "they" put me on .625mg of Premarin daily. Two years later I began having hot flashes on the Premarin, so they switched me to an estradiol patch. My breasts became tender and swollen (yikes!) but I was still flashing, so they doubled the dosage of estradiol in the patch! Soon my breasts felt like rockets ready for launch. I became bloated, emotionally unstable, often waking at night feeling jittery. I had constant "Menopausal PMS" as a result of prescription estrogen dominance!

Finally, I heard Dr. John Lee speak and discovered natural progesterone cream which I've been using ever since. My breasts returned to normal almost overnight! My skin feels years younger and my dentist concedes the cream seems to have built new bone in my jaw, which has saved me from having 3 teeth pulled! It has taken years, but I've finally found what works for me! I still have a few hot flashes but they're no longer severe. I sleep well and feel better physically and emotionally than I ever have.

Sandi - Age 31
Why do I use natural progesterone cream? Well, would you rather have a raging maniac on your hands 2 weeks out of every month?? Since I have been using Resonance Cream our household has been much calmer during 'my time.' It's simply amazing. When I feel my PMS starting up, if I've failed to start my cream on time, it only takes one or two days of using it and I'm much calmer and can handle the stress in my life much easier. And believe me, I have A LOT of stress in my life!

Jo - Age 60
Dear Crazy Women - At the age of 30 I was diagnosed with severe fibrocystic breasts and spent the next 15 years having surgical biopsies and periodic "needle aspirations." Finally, the doctors recommended a double subcutaneous mastectomy, but, with the operating table all set to go, I chickened out (thankfully). No alternatives to surgery were offered and certainly natural progesterone was never mentioned as a potential treatment

At around age 50 I started HRT - Premarin and Provera - despite the risk it would continue "feeding" the cysts in my breasts. The benefit of warding off osteoporosis seemed worth it. I struggled for years trying to get the dosage right - suffering from swollen, painful breasts, insomnia, and aggression. Finally, a friend suggested I try natural hormones instead of modified progesterone (Provera) and horse-urine derived Premarin. She also loaned me Dr. Lee's book to help me figure out a plan of action. Gradually I switched to smaller doses of plant-based estrogen and used my Resonance progesterone cream for 25 days each month. Guess what, Folks? My breast cysts went away almost immediately. And all the horrid side-effects of Provera do not exist with natural progesterone, which also prevents osteoporosis as well as or better than my old HRT regime. I just feel WONDERFUL!


...the more we learn from each other, the more easily each of us can find our own way.  Please email us your story.



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